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Shenzhen Lida Plastic Bag Factory in 2004, Pertain to “Shenzhen ono Packaging Co., LTD”. Lida Plastic Bag Factory is a professional manufacture of PO, PP, CPP, OPP, PET, PVC, PA, EVA, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE & Non-woven fabric for raw materials of plastic bag and printing paper bags, non-woven environmental protection bags and other packaging products manufacturers. Products including: Non-woven Bags, Bags On Roll, Garbage Bags, T-shirt Bags, Sandwich Bags, Food Bags, Plastic carrier Bags, Spectacle Bags, Jewellery Bags, Electronic Bags, Self-adhesive Bags, Grape Bags, Non-woven Fabric Environmental Protection Bag, Paper Bags, Mall Shopping Bag, Garment Bag, Vest Bag, Like Bags, Magazines Bag, Envelope Bag, Mesh Bag, Card Bag, Bone Bag, Valve Bag, Advertising Bags, Gift Bags, Arm In Arm Bag, Square Bottom Bag, Wearing Rope Bag, Seal Bag, Instruction Manual Bag, Cosmetic Bag, MP3 Bag, MP4 Bag, CD Bag, Enterprise CI Promotional Bag, Compound Bag, Industrial Food Packaging, Restaurant Hotel Special Snack Bags, Glasses Bags, Frozen Bags, Bags, Special Bags, And so on a wide range of styles. Of which Bags on roll, Vest Plastic Bags and Shopping Bags are the most popular and well received by our customers. 

Our products are well received home and abroad with special technology, high quality products and on time delivery date. 

You are welcome to be our partners anytime!

NO. of Services: 0086-13714295110  and  E-mail:szjiaodai@gmail.com

For details, please login: http://www.szjiaodai.21food.cn

  • Shenzhen Lida Plastic Bag Factory
  • In Eight, Luogang Industrial Zone, Buji Street, Longang District, Shenzhen City, P.R.C
  • 518000
  • 86-755-28558762
  • 86-755-2853373
  • Donsen.Liu (marketing)
  • 0086-0755-13714295110

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